How I Figured Out I’m Asexual + A Christian Ace Experience

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I’ve been so focused on my university graduation in two weeks / life transition stuff that I failed to connect the passage of time to “Oh, I should write a post by today,” so since […]

What Not to Say to Your Ace and/or Aro Friend

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I’ve addressed in past posts some of the stereotypes and problematic comments ace/aro people get – [Is Asexuality a Psychological Disorder for medicalization, Question Your Questioning for several of them ranging from medicalization again to […]

How do I Know I’m Really Ace (or Aro)?

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I recently saw a question in an ace group I’m part of, which gets asked kind of frequently: how old do you have to be before you can definitely be sure you’re ace?  What if […]

The SAM and Mia’s Many Labels

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Ever get confused about what your orientation is because it seems to be two different ones, or had a hard time explaining to a friend that just because you think someone is hot doesn’t necessarily […]

The Meaning of Life (without God)

A common question Christians are curious about is: “What’s the point of life then?  What’s the meaning of life without God?  Why should we all be alive?”  There’s actually two parts to this question – […]

How I Became an Atheist

As an Atheist who’s still part of some Christian circles, I’m often asked about my beliefs and how I became an Atheist: some are curious mainly to know, others want to convert me or are […]

Evaluating Your Reasons for Belief

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When you’re studying other viewpoints, and (hopefully) trying to evaluate their truthfulness, it’s important to know why you believe your current views, whatever that reason may be.  I don’t mean “Why is this true,” or […]