The Info People Are Missing When They Think About Autism

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One of my favorite resources is the “Autistic Not Weird 2022 Autism Survey” – a survey which collected responses from 11,212 respondents, of whom about ⅔ (7,491) were autistic, about everything from preferred terminology to […]

Why Do Autistic People Die Earlier?

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Well, I didn’t intend to start with such a heavy topic when I haven’t really established a history of writing about autism yet, but I’ve wanted to write this ever since I wrote a research […]

Thoughts on the Word “Normal”

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This has come up frequently in the comments but I had yet to make a proper post about it for some reason, so I’m remedying that now: I have problems with the word “normal” in […]

(My) Aromanticism and Mental Health / Neurodivergency

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This is a post as part of the May 2022 Carnival of Aros blogging event, which is hosted by AUREA (Aromantic-Spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy) in order to collect material for a book […]