We Need More Focus on Aromanticism

Images of the rainbow, lesbian, bisexual, genderfluid, aromantic, asexual, nonbinary, trans, agender, intersex, demiromantic, and demisexual pride flags against a salmon-colored background

This month’s Carnival of Aros has the theme “Being aromantic in an allonormative world,” which got me thinking about some facts I discovered about aromantic representation compared to asexual representation when I was doing my […]

Why Do Autistic People Die Earlier?

A white metallic background with a cell phone sitting in the lower left corner, and a stethoscope with blue tubing occupying the rest of the space

Well, I didn’t intend to start with such a heavy topic when I haven’t really established a history of writing about autism yet, but I’ve wanted to write this ever since I wrote a research […]