I’m a 21 year old, asexual, aromantic, autistic writer. This blog is a mix of those topics – I write about asexuality, aromanticism, autism, and my personal experience with them. Largely my personal experience – anecdotes and interpretations of stuff are from my perspective of course and are meant to add to the collection of many experiences and perspectives, not be taken as “the one true ace/aro/autistic experience or perspective” or the like. I post monthly at the beginning of the month.

I have yet to overcome my fear of sharing it with the general public, but I also write YA fiction with aspec (ace and aro spectrum) characters.

Not my cat for the record, but, here’s my face

Find me on Twitter if it’s still alive when you’re reading this: @BerkstresserMia
If you want to contact me about guest posting or something besides Twitter, my email is miab@writingforlife.net.