How I Came to be Nonbinary

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I’m part of a queer support group where I live that’s comprised as much of parents/family of LGBTQIA+ kids that are looking for knowledge / help processing things as much as queer people directly, and […]

7 Ways to Be An Ally to Autistic People

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I don’t have anything fancy for New Year’s (okay, being completely honest, I had other deadlines this week I worked on first and finished this with 10 minutes before the automatic email goes out XD), […]

Labels: Helpful or Hurtful?

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A conversation topic that I’ve seen come up a lot, both in the context of asexuality/aromanticism with their stacks of microlabels and autism where there’s the question of “should I tell this person they probably […]

Sounds Fake But Okay Book Review

I just read Kayla Kaszyca and Sarah Costello’s Sounds Fake But Okay: An Asexual and Aromantic Perspective on Love, Relationships, Sex, and Pretty Much Anything Else over the weekend, and wanted to share my thoughts […]

Why it’s Important to Explicitly Acknowledge Neurotypical Perspectives

I got involved in a comment discussion on this post by sildarmillion this week about the lack of nuance in otherwise useful advice like “listen to your body,” and she said something that perfectly summarized […]

The Info People Are Missing When They Think About Autism

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One of my favorite resources is the “Autistic Not Weird 2022 Autism Survey” – a survey which collected responses from 11,212 respondents, of whom about ⅔ (7,491) were autistic, about everything from preferred terminology to […]

What Asexuality Means to Me

(No image this month because my internet is lagging badly tonight and I’m not staying up late just to wait for Pexels to load things.) This month’s Carnival of Aces topic is “asexuality and orientation,” […]

We Need More Focus on Aromanticism

Images of the rainbow, lesbian, bisexual, genderfluid, aromantic, asexual, nonbinary, trans, agender, intersex, demiromantic, and demisexual pride flags against a salmon-colored background

This month’s Carnival of Aros has the theme “Being aromantic in an allonormative world,” which got me thinking about some facts I discovered about aromantic representation compared to asexual representation when I was doing my […]

Why Do Autistic People Die Earlier?

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Well, I didn’t intend to start with such a heavy topic when I haven’t really established a history of writing about autism yet, but I’ve wanted to write this ever since I wrote a research […]

How I Figured Out I’m Asexual + A Christian Ace Experience

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I’ve been so focused on my university graduation in two weeks / life transition stuff that I failed to connect the passage of time to “Oh, I should write a post by today,” so since […]