What Not to Say to Your Ace and/or Aro Friend

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I’ve addressed in past posts some of the stereotypes and problematic comments ace/aro people get – [Is Asexuality a Psychological Disorder for medicalization, Question Your Questioning for several of them ranging from medicalization again to […]

Question Your Questioning (of Other People)

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Hello everyone!  Today’s topic is “How to Talk to Aspecs as an Allo Person” (or anyone who’s tempted to question them, since some skeptics may themselves be aspec in some way without knowing it).  (Allo […]

How do I Know I’m Really Ace (or Aro)?

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I recently saw a question in an ace group I’m part of, which gets asked kind of frequently: how old do you have to be before you can definitely be sure you’re ace?  What if […]

(My) Aromanticism and Mental Health / Neurodivergency

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This is a post as part of the May 2022 Carnival of Aros blogging event, which is hosted by AUREA (Aromantic-Spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy) in order to collect material for a book […]

The SAM and Mia’s Many Labels

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Ever get confused about what your orientation is because it seems to be two different ones, or had a hard time explaining to a friend that just because you think someone is hot doesn’t necessarily […]

The Stability of Being Aro/Ace

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The aspec community has a couple regular writing events, the Carnival of Aces and the Carnival of Aros, where a host blogger gets to pick a theme for the month, and other people who wish […]

How I Figured Out I’m Aromantic

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On Valentine’s Day, I was browsing Twitter, as one does, when someone reached out to ask what it was like being aromantic, and how I had figured out I was.  Because it was Valentine’s Day […]