Carnival of Aces February Round-Up

Aannddd we’re back with the Carnival of Aces, this time with the round-up of submissions!  (You can view the original call for submissions HERE).

Thanks to everyone who submitted this month!
(Also my apologies to everyone for the site being down temporarily earlier last month – that doesn’t normally happen and I don’t know why it picked then of all months to do it.)

Frawley wrote about the amatonormativity within media – 

Perfect Number wrote a review of Let’s Talk About Love

Anonymous wrote about the need for more aspec kids books – 

Sildarmillion wrote about the problem of having to explicitly label ace representation as such –

Blue Ice-Tea wrote about how portraying aces and allos as opposites can support compulsory sexuality –

Rachel wrote about an asexual lavender marriage in Spy x Family 
And about a QPR-like relationship and how it fell apart in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

I can’t think of a good conclusion at this hour, so, happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for hosting! I know it’s not officially connected, but I’m still curious to hear how your thesis goes. Please keep us updated about that. 🙂

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