About This Blog

My goal as a writer is to use what I enjoy doing as a way to make life a little better for everyone, whether that’s advocating for social change through a short story, or just bringing a smile to someone’s face with amusing character dialogue.  The purpose of this blog is similar – I intend it to be a resource for teen writers who want to make the world a better place while living and enjoying life.  Of course, you don’t have to be planning on writing as a career to get something out of it; anyone is welcome, whether you fit that description exactly or just want an advice post once in a while.

I write lots of posts about writing, plus life advice and the occasional more-ideological post.  After all, it’s hard to make life better without doing some thinking and figuring out what “better” means exactly.  Since I’m a college student with limited time much of the year, I post every other week on Saturdays.

Finally, two fun-but-relevant facts.  One, a lot of opinions that you’ll hear about what you “should” do as a writer are just that: opinions.  If someone tells you that one way of doing things is “the right one,” there is almost certainly another person advocating for a different, and possibly contradictory, way.  That being the case: if you’re a blogger who disagrees with something I write, and want to write your own post explaining why, I’m willing to consider it for a guest post on this blog (INSERT EL EMAIL).  Respectful disagreement is useful.  And fact number two, if anyone wants to hang out in a more casual setting, I have a Discord server for writers (aka The Writerverse): https://discord.gg/FNXBmT9.

Quote that everyone needs, both in life and in writing:
“The first to present his case seems right, till another comes forward and questions him.”
~Proverbs 18:17 (NIV)